History and Philosophy of Science
Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

About the department

The Department of History and Philosophy of Science was established in its present form as an independent academic unit within the Faculty of Sciences of Loránd Eötvös University in 1994. Currently the Department consists of 5 tenured faculty and one permanent guest lecturer; more than ten further lecturers are related to the department on a temporary basis. In the last decade, the department hosted 7 Széchenyi Professors of Philosophy (“Széchenyi” is a 3-year distinguished professorship).

According to the Department's teaching and research profile, the faculty members have various degrees in both sciences and philosophy. The HPS Department regularly offers 30-40 different one-semester lecture courses in history and philosophy of science for students majoring science, mathematics, and computer science. The average number of students enrolling to the courses offered by the Department is about 2,000 per term.

The Department participates in several Ph.D. programs at the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Computer Science. All together there are 6-8 PhD students under the supervision of the Department.

Establishing the Department also was motivated by the aim of creating a research unit at Loránd Eötvös University with a profile in history, philosophy and foundations of science. The Department has been successful in establishing itself as a center of research in Hungary in the discipline: its record in international publications in the field, its extensive international contacts, its cooperation with science and philosophy departments of Eötvös and other Hungarian universities and the number of research grants awarded to members of the department make the Department unique in the Hungarian university system.

HPS Publications