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Philosophy of Science Colloquium
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September 2003

22 September 4:00 PM 6th floor 6.54 
Francis Pascal O'Gorman
Department of Philosophy
National University of Ireland, Galway

Philosophy of Mathematics: Poincare's challenge
Frequently we find brief references to similarities between Poincare's and the later Wittgenstein's philosophies of arithmetic. Inthis paper we attempt to systematically exploresome of these similarities.In partcular we look at Poincare's opposition to the logicist programme and his rejection of Cantorian infinity and compare his theses to those of the later Wittgenstein.

29 September 4:00 PM 6th floor 6.54 
Karl Hall
Department of History
Central European University, Budapest

Socialist Realist Physics: Lev Landau's Principled Phenomenology
"The electron does not tolerate bureaucratism," senior Soviet physicists assured their technocratic patrons during Stalin's headlong industrialization campaign in the late 1920s.  Research programs oriented toward Socialist Construction placed Soviet theoretical physicists in particular on the defensive.  The young theorist Lev Landau deftly steered between engineering imperatives and the longing for a unifying mathematical lever to move the world that he blithely dismissed as "Einsteinkrankheit."  His peculiar brand of "Socialist Realist" physics, forged in the crucible of Stalinist culture, eventually enabled him to solve the strangest physics problem of his day: superfluidity in helium.

The 60-minute lecture is followed by a 10-minute break. Then we hold a 30-60-minute discussion. The language of the presentation is indicated in the following way:
English, except if all participants speak Hungarian
The participants may comment on the talks and are encouraged to initiate discussion through the Internet. The comments  should be written in the language of the presentation.

The organizer of the seminar: Miklós Rédei  (email: redei@hps.elte.hu)

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