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I maintain a broad interest in general philosophy of science and in philosophy of mathematized sciences, in particular in philosophy of physics. My doctoral dissertation analyzed the relationship of well posedness to prediction and confirmation as well as the notion of physical possibility and presents three novel non-epistemic arguments that may vindicate well posedness as a necessary condition for physical possibility. My advisors were John Earman and John Norton, and my committee further included Gordon Belot and Anil Gupta. I have science background in physics (M.Sc.), in theoretical economics (joint B.Sc. & M.Sc.), and in mathematical population genetics. I spent three years at Eötvös University studying philosophy before joining Pitt where I completed a secondary M.A. in the Department of Philosophy and received an M.A. and a Ph.D. in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science. I love to shock my students with all the weirdness hiding behind the curtains of science, and to show them that by carefully pulling the curtains away we can fruitfully address deep philosophical problems. With enough persistence, most of the time. Sitemap: Home Academic Education Degrees Fellowships & awards Languages, programming Papers & talks Publications Work in progress Talks Teaching Service Journal editing Refereeing University Council Other Photos of talks CV Personal Bio Why HPS? Faculty CPS Grad life Wandering around Conference tourism Outdoors Tango Other interests Cool stuff Contact Friends Other links PGP Some keywords: gy, b, gyb, balazs, gyenis, balázs, gyepi, history, philosophy, science, tudomanytortenet, tudománytörténet, tudomanyfilozofia, tudományfilozófia, filozofia, filozófia, economics, kozgazdasagtan, közgazdaságtan, physics, fizika, mathematics, matematika, pittsburgh, pitt, hps, webcam, tarkovszkij, tarkovsky, mozinet, szabad, valtozok, változók, causality, oksag, okság, reichenbach, simpson, msc, phd, rpg, szerepjatek, szerepjáték, vmg, varosmajori, városmajori, elte, btk, ttk, bke, bkae, bkáe, közgáz, corvinus, sg, studium, generale, Studium, Generale, HÖK, HOK, budapest, Budapest, axelrod, Axelrod, camino, Camino, szent, jakab, iuhps, dlmps, oviedo, logic, logika, tarsadalomtudomany, társadalomtudomány, termeszettudomany, természettudomány, game, theory, jatekelmelet, játékelmélet, eckermann, neumann, magyar, Magyar, tulelotura, tuleloverseny, vers, poetry, jozsef, attila, józsef, wiw, szabadlovas, stanford, university, egyetem, evolucios, evolúciós, kép, kep, picture, image, homepage, honlap, ottlap, tango, tangó, vals, milonga, milonguero, skydiving, mountaineering, rockclimbing, hiking, running, canoeing, volleyball, cafe, music, publications, talks, courses, well, posed, ill, correctly, set, continuous, dependence