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I was born in the socialist Hungary of the '80s. Due to my father's specialization in engineering aspects of power plants our family had the rare chance to live abroad for several years while we - me and my two younger brothers - were young. My middle brother, Zalán, was born in Kuwait; my youngest brother, Ajándok, was a baby in Turkey. Early on we got exposed to new faces and new cultures.

Upon returning to Hungary we grew up in a small town but it is the capital which I always considered home. I went to high school and university in Budapest, years that I'm still very much fond of.

Through Miklós Rédei and László Szabó I got into philosophy of science and a bit into physics. When I finished my studies in theoretical economics I got accepted to Pitt and spent several years in the States studying various subjects. I returned back to Hungary to put the finishing touches on my doctoral dissertation and I am currently employed as an Assistant Research Fellow at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.


Skydiving photo

Petersburg Airport, before a practice jump required for the USPA "A" skydiving license.

Family photos

Gyenis family

The Gyenis family: Balázs, Zalán, Ajándok, István. The photo was made in our Dunakeszi garden many years ago.


U Fleku

On a family trip to Prague, tasting the famous beer of U Fleku.





Ajandok and father

Ajándok before his high school ball, posing for the camera with father.



Zalán practicing the piano. We all really envy his musical talent and devotion.

Budapest, beautiful

Budapest view

View of Budapest from the window of Vera and Péter Kardos.


Toth Arpad setany

Tóth Árpád Avenue in the Castle Hill. Once I walked this path every midnight.


Last day of Cafe Eckermann, my favorite cafe. Many-many memories bind me to this place.


Corvin teto

Budapest is full of open-air cafes and pubs, such as Corvin Tető. Pictured: two friends and editors of Szabad Változók, Daniel Margócsy and Tibor Bárány.


Holdudvar in Margit Island, with Miklós Rédei, László Szabó, Gábor Hofer-Szabó, and students of the Probabilistic Causality Summer School.


Miklos es Laci

For five years our Kant Reading Group met every weekend to discuss his works. Balázs Váradi, Petra Reszkető, Péter Kardos, István Musza, and András Szigeti, in the apartment of András this time.

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