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Food for the body..

It's easy to gain my friendship: just invite me for a dinner! I'm a skinny guy but a big sucker for good food. Or free food. Unfortunately I never really had time to learn to cook properly, but that is the next big project.

Argentine beef

My friends, this is the most delicious piece of meat I've ever had. Fancy restaurant near Tierra Santa, Buenos Aires.

  Alma pie

Bryan is a truly multi-talented fellow, but it is his wife, Alma, who prepares the most amazing cheese cake I know of.

..and for the soul

I have a special warm spot for literature and classical music. Fortunately the Pittsburgh Symphony is really superb, and we also have other resources such as the Renaissance and Baroque Society to survive the cold winter nights.

Gyorgy Adam concert

I'm a long time fan of Ádám György. The family generously invited me when he gave his concert in Carnegie Hall, NY.

  Pamuk dedication

I surprised Orhan Pamuk with the Hungarian edition of the White Castle during his visit to Pittsburgh. He drew this nice cat as an exchange.


I start every morning with reading through Slashdot. In high school I spent a lot of time with assembly programming and creating all kinds of simulations. Although I rarely write code nowadays my interest in computer technology and electric toys is still strong.

Ken Manders computer

I spent a semester building a cluster of these beasts for Ken Manders (the ultimate geek of the Philosophy Department) to help a number-theory number-crunching.

  San Francisco

In the San Francisco backyard of Kristóf Madarász, Balázs Kovács, and Tomasz Sadzik. Back in the days I used this ultra-portable PDA - foldable keyboard combo to write papers in cafes and on shorter trips.


For a year-and-a-half I was editor-in-chief of Hungary's second largest movie portal, although, truth be told, all real work was done by my friend Gábor Böszörményi. I wrote a number of articles about movies nevertheless.
My taste for films is difficult to describe; probably the most telling is that I maintain the Hungarian Andrei Tarkovsky fan-site.

Menuhin star

Star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame for one of my favorite violinist.

  Larry Bender

Larry Bender, producer of Kill Bill, after the journalist pre-screening of the movie. According to him Tarantino lied drunken in his hotel room all day long, so we could only make interviews with the rest of the crew.

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