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Touring the world

I don't consider myself to be a big fan of traveling per se. I do enjoy to travel and meet new people when I have a perceived 'good' reason to do so; for instance I occasionally take unconventional means to get to conferences. I can also work well while I'm on the road. Wandering around the world with friends is always fun!

Camino de Santiago

Finisterre, Spain. We walked the Camino de Santiago with Daniel Hirt to present in a conference in Oviedo.

  St. Petersburg hostel

Hostel in St. Petersburg, Russia. With Gábor Böszörményi we took the train across Asia to Shanghai, stopping in Beijing to deliver a talk.



My parents first met on a canoe trip and so it became a family tradition to spend one or two weeks every summer on water. I kept this custom ever since, and by now I sailed my kayak on all main rivers in Hungary. The summer weather is unpredictable and spending several stormy days in a canoe is not inherently pleasant, but you can get to know people way much better after three such days than after hanging out with them in a bar for three months. I love to be on water!

Szigetkoz tura

Dani Hirt and Mike Tamir on a canoe trip in the Szigetköz.

  Pelican Bar

Dropping by the famous Pelican Bar with Balázs Kovács on our way to Cuba.

I cycle every day both as a hobby and as a means of transportation. When it gets nicer I also go out running with my friends. My longest run so far was the Vienna Marathon in 2012 which I completed in four hours.

I really enjoy hiking in the woods with friends on summer weekends. For many years I participated in the surviving competitions organized by ELTE, which was lot of fun.

Hiking with Luca

Hiking on a cold winter day with Luca and some friends of ours.

  Mongol motorists

Somewhere in the middle of Mongolia. When you want to find the closest ford you are blessed to bump into these local motorists who can show the way.

Mountaineering is one of the high points of my summers. Being on the same rope creates a very special trust-relationship and I love both the physical and the mental aspect of climbing as well as the thrill to conquer the most beautiful peaks one can imagine.

Charlie has several photos of our three most recent trip; you can access them here: 1 2 3.


New Years Eve view from a look-out tower on the top of Csóványos.


Catching up near the top of Grossvenediger, Austria.

Argentine Tango

I got into Argentine tango during my visit to Iceland. One night, after a tiresome hike in the mainland, I was wandering in the streets of Rejkjavik and saw people arranging tables in a cafe in preparation for a tango dance event. An hour of listening to the music and watching the dancers was enough to fall in love and since then I became a tango music collector, DJ, milonga organizer, and an amateur bandoneonist. You can find out more about my tango endeavors here.

  Tango Championship

Finals of the II. Amateur "Tango de Salon" National Championship. Eszter Mórocz and I secured the bronze prize (b category).

  Partitura: Idilio trunco

First sheet of the score for the tango vals "Idilio trunco."


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