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Tango DJ, radio host, organizer, dancer

First and foremost I'm a passionate lover of Argentine tango music! I read about, collect, and listen to all in this genre.

I maintain a licensed online tango radio that plays 7/24 from my selection of danceable tangos, valses, and milongas:
Argentine Tango Radio.

TJ Balazs Gyenis

In the sunlight of Dias de Juventud tango encuentro. (Photo courtesy of Zoltan Nemeth)


I'm a recurrent musicalizador of regular milongas in- and outside of Hungary and I have extensive experience as an invited tango DJ of larger events across Europe and the US, including many tango festivals, tango marathons, tango encuentro milongueros, tango camps etc.
I also organize tango events, such as the weekly Thursday milonga in Budapest, or the second-most-watched Argentine tango flash mob, which already reached over 250.000 views!

As a DJ I play consistent and all-danceable tandas predominantly from the '30s and '40s. I have a personal preference for emotionally charged, rhythmic, higher energy music, but I play an overall balanced repertoire.
I use the audiophile player Decibel with a high quality external sound card and my own mixer (if needed). I also work with a redundant system consisting of two separate synched streaming devices to allow for a failsafe listening experience.

I'm grateful to all my partners and teachers in Budapest, Pittsburgh, and Buenos Aires for our shared dance experiences. I'm most fond of memories of classes I took with Oscar Casas, Alberto Dassieu, Maxi Gluzman, Robert Hauk, and Susana Miller.

Playing my bandoneon

Playing La Cumparsita on my 1936 ELA bandoneon outside of St. Stephen's Basilica together with Tamás Radnai and Eszter Vörös.


Tango altar

Improvised altar for the tango wedding party of Simon and Timi who asked me to be their "tango priest" for the ceremony. It was fun!

I do not have a Facebook presence, but I write a very infrequently updated tango and/or bandoneon blog: In case you'd have question of any sort, please don't hesitate to contact via email:


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