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English to Hungarian:

László Tisza: "End of Century Task: Resolving the Paradoxes of the Beginning"
Fizikai Szemle, 1998/5.

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Hungarian to English:

Imre Lakatos: "Modern Physics, Modern Society"
In:  George Kampis, Ladislav Kvasz and Michael Stöltzner (eds.): Appraising Lakatos. Mathematics, Methodology and the Man. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002.

Conferences, public talks

"Irreversible Microeconomics"
Complex Systems in Natural and Economic Sciences
Oct. 26 - 28 1997, Budapest, University of Economics

"Imre Lakatos's Lost Doctoral Dissertation"
11th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science
Aug. 20 - 26 1999, Cracow, Poland.

"From the Extropy of the Universe to the Economic constraints"
Complex Systems in Natural and Social Sciences
Oct. 14 - 17 1999, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland

"Imre Lakatos' Philosophy of Mathematics" (In Hungarian)
Matematikatörténet és Matematikatanítás [History and Education of Mathematics]
April 17 - 18 2000, Budapest, ELTE TFK

"The Copernican Revolution" (In Hungarian)
Paradigmák [Paradigms]
May 4 - 5 2000, Budapest, MTA Philosophical Institute

"Can rationality establish itself? Lakatos meets Popper's challenge"
HOPOS 2000 (3rd International Conference on the History of Philosophy of Science)
July 6 - 9 2000, Vienna, Austria

"Heat Daeth in Ancient and Modern Thermodynamics"
Complex Systems in Natural and Social Sciences
Oct. 5 - 8 2000, Zakopane, Poland

"Imre Lakatos and thePhilosophy of Mathematics"
Seminár studentu logiky
Nov. 6 2000, Prague, Czech Republic

"Lakatos's View of Cognition in Mathematics" (In Hungarian)
IX. MAKOG (Hungarian Assotiation for Cognitve Science)
Feb. 1 - 3 2001, Visegrád, Hungary

"Sociology and Philosophy of the Solar Neutrino Project" (In Hungarian)
Hungarian Colloquium in Astronomy
Oct. 3 2001, Budapest, ELTE TTK

"Can Mathematics Originate from Philosophy?" (In Hungarian)
"Remembering Árpád Szabó" -- Memorial Congress
Dec. 4 2001, Budapest, ELTE TTK

"Science Wars: A Contemporary Debate on Modern Science that Shook the Academic World"
Cognitive Science Colloquium
June 5 2002, Krakow, Poland

"The Problem of Heat Death"
Complex Systems in Natural and Social Sciences
Sept. 27 - 29 2002, Mátrafüred, Hungary

"Phiosophical Origins In Mathematics? Árpád Szabó Revisited"
13th Novembertagung on the History of Mathematics
Oct. 31 - Nov. 3, Frankfurt am Main, Germany