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Photos of recently attended talks

When I have my camera with me I take photos of academic talks I attend. You can find a selection from the past few years here (large page). Below you find a selection from recently attended talks. Newer items are on the top.

All photos on this website are published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, so you are free to use them without asking as long as you give proper attribution, you use it for non-commercial purposes, and share the modifications under the same license. If you happen to have a photo of a talk which I gave, I'd be happy to hear from you!


WIP: Bihui Li: Breakdowns in the Vending Machine.

ALS: Bill Unruh: "Measurement of Hawking Radiation in an Analog System". Ted Newman, Bill Unruh, John Earman and John Norton on the same photo - priceless.

Post market job mortem talk by Jonathan and Jonah.

HPS Alumni talk: Daniel Steel: "Robust Decision Making and the Precautionary Principle".

WIP: Thomas Cunningham: "What is 'Group Decision-Making'?"

ALS: Kenneth Kendler: "Philosophical Issues in Psychiatry".

Pitt-CMU conference talk: Arthur Fine: "Structural Realism: Then and Now".

CMU: Wayne Myrvold: "Maxwell and a third second law of thermodynamics".

Bob Batterman: "A methodology for applied mathematics".

LTT: David John Baker: "How is Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking Possible?"

LTT: Tomasz Placek: "On models with separate systems of screeners for Bell's correlations".

LTT: John Worrall: "In Defence of Structural Realism; or: the 'Newman Objection', what objection?"

LTT: Elisabeth Nemeth: "Ernst Mach's 'Method of Variation' in Otto Neurath's Economic Theory".

LTT: Bert Leuridan: "Representing the Theory of Classical Genetics with Special Attention to Causation".

LTT: John Norton: "Waiting for Landauer".

Jonathan Livengood's pre-job-interview talk.

ALS: Paul Humphreys: "Contextual Emergence".

ALS: Huw Price: "Time's Arrow and Eddington's Challenge."

LTT: Kareem Khalifa: "Inaugurating Understanding or Repackaging Explanation?"

ALS: Peter Achinstein: "Scientific Exercises and Speculations: Maxwell's Three Methods."

LTT: J. D. Trout: "Why Fluent Explanations Feel Truthy."

LTT: Nicholas Rescher: "Optimalization in Nature".

Marton Mihaltz's PhD defense.

New Directions in the Foundations of Physics Conference

Michel Janssen: "(Never) Mind your p's and q's: von Neumann versus Jordan on the Foundations of Quantum Theory".

Elise Crull: "Something Old, Something New: Heisenberg's Response to EPR".

Bill Unruh: "Black Hole Thermodynamics".

Fernando Brandao: "A Reversible Framework for Entanglement and General Resource Theories".

Jeremy Butterfield gives a brief intro.

Dan Browne: "The Computational Character of Quantum Correlations".

Scott Aaronson: "Quantum Computing with Closed Timelike Curves".

Valerio Scarani: "Information Causality as a New Physical Principle".

Caslav Brukner: "Nonlocal Setting and Outcome Information for Violation of Bell's Inequality".

Roderich Tumulka: "The GRW Flash Theory and the Conway-Kochen 'Free Will' Theorem".

WIP: Julia Bursten: "To do with models, explanation and the valence bond".

WIP: Peter Distelzweig: "17th Century Teleo-Mechanics: Muscle, Mathematics and Animal Locomotion".

WIP: Tom Pashby: "On Dirac's Discovery of His Electron Equation".

John Earman: Implications of permutation invariance for the classical limit, Principle of the Identity of Indiscernibles, and entanglement.

Ben Jantzen presents his own spiel on permutation invariance.

WIP: Jonathan Livengood: "Four Varieties of Causal Reasoning Problems"

ALS: Catherine Wilson: "The Paradoxes of Perception: Cartesian Sources - and Solutions"

WIP: Jonah Schupbach: "Comparing Probabilistic Measures of Explanatory Power".

John Earman: Superselection rules and how to implement permutation invariance in QM.

LTT: Wolfgang Pietsch: "Transient Underdetermination and 19th-Century Electrodynamics".

CT: Kenneth Waters: "Somewhat Antirealist Bottom-up Realism".

Justin Sytsma's job market post-mortem.

HPS Alumni talk: Andrea Woody: "Attention to Practice: Models, Molecules, and Making Sense".

Pitt/CMU Grad Student Philosophy Conference

Foad Dizadji-Bahmani: "Nagelian Reduction Reloaded"

Samuel Fletcher: "Spin Glasses: Explanation and Non-Rigorous Methods"

Ben Jantzen: Comments on Nagelian Reduction and Mathematical Assimilation.

Mark Wilson: "How 'Wave Front' Found its Truth Values"

LTT: Wayne Myrvold: "On the Structure of Anthropic Arguments."

Peter Distelzweig's prospectus-in-progress talk.

LTT: Allan Walstad: "A Critical Reexamination of the Electrostatic Aharonov-Bohm Effect."

Marcus' WIP talk on Hume and conventionalism.

CT: Edda Thiels: "Discovering Mechanisms in Cognitive Neurobiology: An Experimentalist's Perspective."

Justin Sytsma's WIP talk.

LTT: Tomasz Placek: "A Locus for 'Now' - a Modal Perspective".

Jonathan Livengood, Justin Sytsma, and David Rose gives a joint talk: "Folk Intuitions and Theories of Actual Causation: A Hitch in Hitchcock's Account"

ALS: Jeremy Avigad: "Understanding, Formal Verification, and the Philosophy of Mathematics"

Workshop on Sandy Mitchell's Unsimple Truths: Science, Complexity and Policy

Jim Bogen's spiel.

Dale Jamieson's remarks.

Sandy's defense.

LTT: Susan Sterrett: "Similarity and induction."

LTT: Meinard Kuhlmann: "Explaining Dynamically Complex Behavior."

Laszlo Tengelyi: "A fenomenológia módszertani transzcendentalizmusa".

PhD defense of Gergo Szekely: First-Order Logic Investigation of Relativity Theory.

Catherine Stinson's WIP talk on explanations in cognitive neuroscience/psychology.

CT: Robert Rynasiewicz: "Science, Supposition and Reference: The New Program"

Francis Crick: Hunter of Life's Secrets by Robert Olby Workshop with Michael Dietrich, Rick Grush, and of course Bob, and a dinner afterwards.

CT: Hasok Chang: "A Case for Scientific Pluralism".

LTT: Robert Rupert: "Do Group Cognitive States Play a Causal-Explanatory Role?"

LTT: Michela Massimi: "'Carving Nature at Its Joints'. Natural Kinds, Kantian Kinds, and the Problem of Induction."

Jason Byron's WIP talk on the definition of health, or rather the needlessness of it.

LTT: Alan Baker: "Science-driven Mathematical Explanation".


LTT: John Norton: "Cosmology and Inductive Inference: A Bayesian Failure."

Mark Sprevak: "Does a rock perform every computation?"

LTT: Slobodan Perovic: "Examining the Limits of Physics: Experimental Diversity Versus the Physics of Big Experiments."

Tom Pashby's WIP talk on Relational Quantum Mechanics.

ALS: Kristin Shrader-Frechette: "Epidemiological Method, Causal Inference, and Non-Randomized Statistics: The Case of Three Mile Island"

XXIII International Congress of History of Science and Technology.

Actions, Reasons, and Desires: Gary Watson on Freedom and Agency. Presentations of Gary Watson, Ferenc Huoranszki and Andras Szigeti.

Habermas conference.

Tibor Barany's talk on the connection between intentionality and intensionality.

Ph.D. defense of Csaba Henk.

Gergo Szekely's presentation on axiomatizing special relativity.

36th Annual Philosophy of Science Conference, Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik

Kathleen Okruhlik: Misrepresenting Science.

Doreen Fraser: The Applicability of Mathematics and Scientific Realism.

James McAllister: What do Patters in Empirical Data Tell Us About Structures in the World.

Mark Shumelda: Why Philosophers Should be Interested in Quantum Graphity.

Mauricio Suarez: A History of Quantum Propensities.

Oliver Pooley: Relativity and The Passage of Time.

Mladen Domazet: Law-constitutive Definition of Objects at the Level of Microstructure.

F.A. Muller: The Second Underdetermination Thesis. There was blood.

Mauro Dorato: Structural Explanation and Structural Realism.

Anian Chakravartty: Subatomic Ontology and Structural Realism.

Hilary Greaves: The Empirical Significance of ("Global" and "Local") Symmetries.

Nenad Miscevic: Dispositionalism vs. Semantic Theory.

Frank Arntzenius: Nominalizing Modern Physics.

Josephine Papst: On Newton's Time.

Dennis Lehmkuhl: What is a (Classical) Unified Field Theory?

Ruediger Schack: From Dutch Book Coherence to Quantum Coherence.

Boris Grozdanoff: Millean Properties for the Fregean.

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